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Development: MoonSprite (Me, Agapios (Pip) Kokkos, Alex Williams, Richard Suarez, Matthew George)

Suddenly, you find yourself reading the description to this genre-shifting game.
Play through Lily's increasingly bizarre adventure, where she has to unshrink herself, defend her home and…
date cute alien boys?
Jamfuser 2021 Entry.

Suddenly... is a game developed in 6 weeks for the Jamfuser 2021 game jam.
I handled character design as well as the majority of the 2D assets, including 2D character sprite animations and character bust sprites for the Dating Sim section.
With the organisational skills of our team leader and the hard work of my team members, we were lucky enough to be nominated for all public vote categories, winning 3/4, and winning the Industry vote for Overall Best Game.

Assets & Design Work