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Team Squiddle (Art: Me, Gemma Hollingsworth, Game Design: ArmateDev, Code: ArmateDev, L. Sargent )
Music: Callum Morgan

Feyania Girls is a 2D side-scrolling twin-stick platformer developed in GameMaker Studio 2.
Magical girl and airhead Maki Asayuri finds a baby monster, and embarks on a journey through a land of disturbing beings to return the baby to its mother, the Queen of all monsters. Meanwhile, fellow magical girl Reiya Yuritsuki follows Maki into the monstrous land to try and stop Maki before she can face the Queen's wrath. A cute magical girl love story taking place in an increasingly dark world!
BA Indepdent Games Design (Art) Final Major Group project, having achieved a First.

Feyania Girls was developed in 6 months for my Final Major Group Project at the Grimsby Institute. The concept centred on the contrast between magical girls and lovecraftian horror, seeking to somewhat merge the genres.

Assets & Design Work

Concept Art

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