About Me

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My name is Ania-Maria Ratajczak, and I'm a recent First Class graduate of Independent Games Design (Art), having studied at the Grimsby Institute. I've been playing video games longer than I can feasibly remember, and I love all kinds of styles and genre of video games - though my favourites are easily RPGs and Survival Horror. I'm very much in love with the PS2 era and its aesthetics, too!

My favourite games - definitely not an easy choice to make - are Shadow Hearts, Sonic Adventure 2, Klonoa 2, Xenosaga, the Atelier series, Wild ARMs 4, Silent Hill 2, Resident Evil 4 and DmC: Devil May Cry. You can have a peek at what I'm playing at the moment over at my Backlogg'd!

My work currently focuses on illustration and animation. I enjoy working in a range of art styles, and always love painting things I haven't tried before.
During my time in University, I've worked on a number of group projects. I work best in a team, bouncing ideas off others and keeping the project organised.

When I'm not drawing or playing a new JRPG (or tending to my Animal Crossing island),
I enjoy oil & watercolour painting and studying languages.
I hope to be able to work in game translation and localisation one day, helping bring my beloved JRPGs to new audiences!

Want to know more, discuss a project, or anything else? Hit me up!